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School Instructions

  1. Request An Account
    If your school or program has an affiliation agreement with a CPNW affiliated healthcare facility, you may request an account by completing the form below and clicking submit. An account will be created and CPNW Technical Support will contact you to schedule account management training. Please allow 48 hours to receive a response to your application. DO NOT REQUEST AN ACCOUNT UNTIL YOU HAVE A CONFIRMED PLACEMENT AT A CPNW PARTNER FACILITY.
  2. Identify Account Managers
    Schools are required to have two individuals assigned to serve as coordinators to oversee student accounts. Coordinators have two primary responsibilities: instruct students how to create and manage their own accounts, and to verify student completion of on-boarding requirements. Detailed information is provided during coordinator training.
  3. Plan Ahead
    Schools should have opened their account and completed training no later than 30 days before the start of student clinical placements. The account set up and training process can take up to a week. Training is scheduled in the order a request is received and waiting time is typically three business days.
  4. Fees For Service
    There is an annual user fee based on level of service. This fee is collected during the account creation process. Faculty who teach at a member clinical site are not currently assessed a user fee. As well, schools coordinators are not assessed a user or subscriber fee.

School Account Request

Higher Education Institution

Please complete the required information for your educational institution below. This information will be used for official correspondence from CPNW. The primary contact should be the individual responsible for oversight of the program accounts you are requesting.

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Program Information

CPNW accounts are organized according to degree/program. You must request an account for each degree/program. Just click the +Add Program link at the bottom of the form to add additional account requests. You must identify an account coordinator and a backup coordinator for each program. Coordinators may manage more than one program. If you don't currently have a backup coordinator, you must specify your primary coordinator as the backup.

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